Organized Wonder


Why was Organized Wonder created?

Organized Wonder was created by Sawyer Hollenshead, in collaboration with Ed Mackowiak, out of a desire to discover what the designers who he looks up to were watching and being inspired from. There are so many great videos floating around the web that come from conferences, festivals, talented individuals and companies. The problem is that you often have to dig deep to find these great videos, or be lucky enough that someone who you follow posts a link to the video. We think it should be easier to find the videos that really inspire you or are thought provoking, share them with others, and follow people who you admire to see what's interesting to them.

What type of videos should I save here?

It's encouraged to share any video that you find to be inspiring or thought provoking. This could be an interview, documentary, short film, animation, anything! It's unlikely that you'll find episodes of Jersey Shore appearing on Organized Wonder anytime soon, unless they replace the cast with seven TED speakers.

I keep getting the message, "Sorry, a video couldn't be grabbed from this URL."

Organized Wonder uses Embedly to automatically grab a video's embed code, and this will work as long as the video provider has an oEmbed API that's available for Embedly to use. View the full list of supported providers. There are times when a video may be from one of those providers, but the user has disabled embedding. In that case, we're unable to embed it on our site.

We're also unable to auto-detect videos that are embedded on other pages. For example, if you're trying to save a Vimeo video that's embedded on, we need the video's Vimeo URL (ex. and not the URL.

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